Do Affiliate Links Affect Comment Marketing?

YouTube comment marketing is one of the craziest marketing processes these days. As, comments section on YouTube or any other platform is one of the direct modes of contact between  viewers and the admin. So, marketers are trying their best to use this amazing feature in the most optimum manner. 

Although, comment marketing is used for getting original feedback from people and generating leads but along with this marketers are also using this evergreen feature for boosting their affiliate marketing activities. But there is one question that arises: Do Affiliate links affect comment marketing? 

The answer to this question is Yes. Because in fact, affiliate links have both positive and negative effects on comment marketing. Let’s understand this in more detail-

Positive Effects of Affiliate Links on Comment Marketing

On a social media post whether it is an image or a video, people share their genuine reactions and feelings through their comments. People use this section for sharing their affiliate links also. When we see positive side of this process or activity, we would know that it-

  1. More Footprints on Host Website of Affiliate Link

As the people share their affiliate links on comment sections, then there are more chances that people click on those links intentionally or unintentionally. This thing makes more footprint counts on the host website of affiliate links. As a result of which, that host website’s search engine ranking boosts at high rate and ultimately it is good for the brand.

  1. Complements Comment Marketing itself

Affiliate Links in the comments section on YouTube or any other platform always complements comment marketing itself. It gives more boosts to the watch hours and view counts. They broaden the audience reach of the brand by boosting interaction of people and the brand which helps in getting the right direction in which the marketer should hit to position their brand in the market. 

Negative Effects of Affiliate Links on Comment Marketing

As we all know that sometimes people share their affiliate links on irrelevant places without any requirements. This side of marketing makes it more tedious and irritating. Let’s understand this side of affiliate links as well.

  1. More Spam Activities

When affiliate marketing people start sharing their links at every available palace to gather more and more clicks and traffic, they fail to understand that sometimes they are wasting their time and energy on irrelevant places. Also, for the audience they become irritating and as a result they get more spam complaints and ultimately their site comes in the spam list of google. 

  1. May Hamper the original Brand’s Image

These days people are very cautious about their affiliate marketing campaign. They know what they have to do or what they do not. Sometimes due to some carelessness like excessive use of affiliate links on places or getting block requests from viewers, their whole campaign get failed and the original brand gets hampered. Also, when they use the comments section for sharing their links, they also hampered that original post’s brand image. So, it is not good for both brands. 


Everything has its own pros and cons. It is the duty of marketers to take care of every step they use for comment marketing because safety of brand is always first. So, using affiliate links with caution can help them in increasing the brand image.